Bernadette Wasch:  "If there is only one show to be seen, it most definitely should be Chaste Treasure."


Deb Ulring: (about the Pub Crawl) "Loved it!!! Was hot, raunchy, and a whole lot of fun!! The ladies (Amanda, Rosaline, Katherine) were awesome!!! ... It was 90 degrees and they still never skipped a beat!!  Would do it again!!"


“Chaste Treasure is a wonderful blend of harmonies, wit and bawdiness.  You get the full package when you book these ladies.  They are as charismatic off stage as they are during their shows.  Fully interactive but without losing the integrity of the music, their show is hilarious and beautiful simultaneously.  A definite crowd pleasure, Chaste Treasure does not disappoint.”

 - Jessy Hamel, Entertainment Director, PA Renaissance Faire

Brandon Ponzio: "Cheaper and more interactive than a strip club."


Marvin C. Pittman: "The pub crawl was all the better with Chaste Treasure doing it.  I thought it would have been some brotastic affair, so having you all there changed the game considerably."


John Lucas: "Love these naughty ladies."


Caitlin Sharkey:  "A trio of hotness."


Russell Brandford: "I laughed.  I cried.  My pantaloons became moist.  It was fun for everyone."


Praveen K Gupta: "Thank you ladies for the wonderful entertainment at the NJ Faire.  You're the best!  It wouldn't have been anything without you."


Janet Barnhardt: "Such a lovely trio of raucous fun!!!"


Anthony DeMarco: "My ladies, thank you for a wonderful time yesterday ... You were the highlight of my day."


NJRF Fan: "I am writing to inform you that Chaste Treasure is the greatest act to ever perform at the Renaissance Faire.  They are so fun ... Please continue to hire them every year because they are loved by all who visit the faire."

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